Wednesday, December 12, 2012

John D MacDonald

Again, something I like from an author who I have found to be entertaining. It ain't Shakespeare, nor Proust for that matter, but it is just ok for me. Someday I hope to write something that is half as good, but days are running short. Do you think if I just do the "monkey at the keyboard" thing, something good will pop out?


BY John D. MacDonald, copyright 1964

Cathy introduced us, Christine stood there inside her smooth skin, warm and indolent, mildly speculative.  It is that flavor exuded by women who have fashioned an earthy and simplified sexual adjustment to their environment, borne their young, achieved an unthinking physical confidence.  They are often placidly unkempt, even grubby, taking no interest in the niceties of posture.  They have a slow relish for the physical spectrum of food, sun, deep sleep, the needs of children, the caresses of affection.  There is a tiny magnificence about them, like the sultry dignity of she-lions.

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