Saturday, September 14, 2013

Couple of updates

First, a typo--it was a 1960 Ford Starliner, not 1969, that I borrowed way back when in high school. That was in the blog post about operating above my pay grade. Don't know how I could have been driving a 1969 car when it was 1962.

Second, I have run onto some information about climate change that makes me wonder. Since I don't know anything about the subject except what I see in the press and what the local weatherman tells me, it is puzzling when it was reported by a London paper that the Arctic ice mass had increased this summer by 60% more than it was a year ago on the same date. The "experts" had predicted that the ice would essentially be gone so that there could be the long-anticipated Northwest Passage.

As it turns out, about 20 yachts are stranded in the ice with their only solution a rescue by the Canadian icebreakers. A cruise ship turned around and made it back to safe waters.

Have we seen anything about this in the regular press here? Like in the New York Times? I did see an article that refutes it...not the facts, but just that they are important. It says the reason it increased so much is because last year it decreased and it was expected. Tell that to the stranded boats??

It just makes me wonder...I have tried this question out on some friends; "When you see or hear a topic discussed on national TV or radio that deals with a subject that is familiar to you, is it properly presented?" All of the people I have so far asked have said, "No, they either get significant facts wrong, they completely miss the point...or both." This makes me fearful that I am not getting the right information about important topics.

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