Friday, April 25, 2014

Proposed Connecticut law

The legislature in Connecticut has paused in its campaign to drive every gun maker and ammunition producer out of the state (taking all their jobs with them) to take up a law that prohibits day care centers from providing 2% or whole milk to children over the age of two. Only skim or 1% milk can be served.

What are these people thinking? Even the Framingham Study, the "science" that launched the country on the "hate meat/hate fat/eat what Procter and Gamble processes" fad in the 1950's has had results  that indicate that people who ate natural foods like eggs, butter, whole milk and meat lived longer with fewer health problems. The head of that study, a doctor, called these long-term scientific results "disappointing" which ought to give you a clue. How can scientific data be disappointing?

The Framingham Study linked the intake of fat with "artery-clogging cholesterol." Science has pretty well discovered the connection is not there--other factors are much more important. The whole idea of eating "diet" and "low-fat" may, in fact, be a factor in causing obesity. As I have written here before, farmers fed hogs skim milk (actually, it was waste after the cream was separated) because they knew it would fatten them.

If they don't watch out, Connecticut is going to replace California as the home of bad ideas. Oh, and by the way, when you are doing "good" for the kids, how about exercise, portion control and fewer processed foods?

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