Monday, November 10, 2014


It seems that I have only so much storage space for words. Words are so handy, we have this wonderful language that has the largest vocabulary of any language in the world, it is so satisfying to pick out the right one for the occasion. But it is frustrating when I can't find that special word.

Maybe it has to do with the way I encountered the word? For example, I can always remember the word "porte cochere." It is an unusual word, I think, but I remember exactly where I was and how I first heard it--a fellow I worked with, Al Block, was describing to me the way a building should look and function, and he said it would have to have a "porte cochere." He knew what it should be, how it should be used, and he also knew that the word rhymed with "billionaire."

Al also used the word "bollard." Another one you don't hear all the time.

Then there are words that make me struggle. I have to go through the alphabet mentally several times, get side tracked and sometimes never come up with the word "pergola." It just doesn't sound like a structure in the garden that has a slatted covering. More like a sore on your butt?

I'll bet it is just another one of those signs of age. You have all heard me quote my dad, "I'm gettin' to the age where I spend half my time tryin' to pee and the other half tryin' to think of somebody's name."

Well, the third half of the day I spend "tryin'" to think of the right word.

Carry on.

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