Thursday, February 26, 2015

Adding to Our Weather Lexicon

There was always a television going on the farm. My brother turned at least one TV on when he got up and it was the last thing off at night. After a while, you learned to tune it out.

To a farmer, retired or not, the weather is important. Especially out there where the slightest hint of a rain shower is hopeful news. While we are now accustomed to instant weather on our phones, one of the attractions for us in the early times we would go to the farm was the lack of a signal. We could get “off the grid” for a weekend.

The TV was tuned to “Channel Ten” and it was time for “The Weather.” For years, the weather had been presented by a gentleman writing on a board with a grease pencil, but this was now hi-tech. And the weatherman, looked to be about twelve years old, had his “blue screen” amped up and showing a unique weather map to demonstrate the anticipated high winds. He said the “isobars were packly tight.” I barely heard it, but Dick and Linda both did a classic double-take and roared with laughter.

They shared that observation every time there was a stiff breeze, “Yep, bet those isobars are packly tight today!” If he were alive today, he would have appreciated Linda’s observation about our storm in Virginia that has, as of this morning, dumped quite a lot of “het weavy” snow.

So glad they are able to continually add to our Weather Lexicon.

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