Saturday, March 28, 2015


I received a call a couple of days ago, one of “those calls.” An old friend and correspondent had a heart attack, then by-pass surgery. Fortunately, he lives close to Fargo, North Dakota where there are excellent medical facilities (sometimes called “Little Mayo” because so many of their practitioners are from the Mayo Clinic). Fargo has such a good medical backbone since it is close to Canada. Many patients are Canadians who are sick and can’t get treatment in the model of “single-payer” socialized medicine known as the Canadian system.

Dick once recounted a story, and I can still see the cute grin on his face as he told it, about a fellow he knew who said he was sick of both science and Christianity and was converting to the Native American way of looking at Creation.

“Yeah,” he said, “They believe that the earth is supported on the back of a turtle.”

Dick asked, “What is the turtle standing on?”

There was quite a pause. “Its. Just. Turtles. ALL THE WAY DOWN.”

Haven’t we all used that logic at one time or another?

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