Tuesday, June 16, 2015


MSNBC has pretty much locked up first place in the Joke-Network competition. Chris Matthews established the network as the worst of the worst with his fawning over the POTUS, and now Melissa Harris-Perry has finished the race to the bottom by opening up a discussion featuring Rachel Dolezal as the “Caitlyn” Jenner of the “trans-black” movement.

To borrow a phrase—C’mon, man!

Anyone who knows me, listens to my rants or reads them is familiar with my dismay at the way traditional journalism has been jilted in favor of the trash available on NBC, CNN, Yahoo!, and all the others. Don’t they employ editors? How about fact checking? Again, the scourge of the 24-hour news cycle.

Just last weekend, Linda asked, “Can’t you believe anything you see on the internet?” It is difficult. The guy on CNN who suggested that aliens might be involved in the disappearance of MH370. Now this “trans-black” stuff.

This has to be raised to a level beyond an old man ranting. We need to find a way to inform our children of the way people behave properly in a society rather than have them bombarded by daily assaults of the latest doings of the Kardashians. Are they to be the guides for our next generation?

Radical Muslims are teaching their populace a rigid code. Period. How do we teach our children and citizenry? Well, you know. It involves explanations bordering on the insane, such as trans-black and justifications for the latest behavior of a celebrity.

A word describing an action that is essential to human society but has been warped: Discrimination. We must discriminate to survive, between poison and healthy, between dangerous and safe, and so on. In society, there is always conflict and balance, between the rights of one group and the rights of another. Progress involves the evolution of the lines of discrimination, not the abandonment of all selective thinking.

Without the grumpy, experienced editor and his blue pencil scrawling symbols on the copy, it is just a free for all out there. Bad spelling, fabrications, flawed concepts, absence of thought. How do we fix it? We better find a way.

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