Sunday, July 19, 2015

South Carolina

I loved the people I grew up around. They were honest, by and large, predominantly Christian and generally just good folks. Somehow, looking at the media on a daily basis, I have lost track of how those folks went about their lives.
Now, the recent events in South Carolina have demonstrated how people are supposed to act. Not the shrill voices who make the news, but first the people of the church where the gunman murdered nine of their friends. They spoke of forgiveness. This weekend, the KKK and a bunch of rowdies on the other side demonstrated, like that makes a difference.
One older gentleman, suffering from the heat, wearing a racist shirt with a swastika was helped to safety by an officer. A black officer. The picture has gone viral because that is not what the news tends to cover. I'm inspired. These are good folks. I think I'm a fan of South Carolina.

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