Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Somebody decided to take a look at the cost of each victory by comparing games won against salary dollars.

The results are fairly predictable, the big city teams paid a lot of money in payroll, and this year, they did not make it to the World Series. Well, ok, the Mets are a big city team, but they are NOT the hated Yankees or the Dodgers and they didn't reach the ridiculous heights of the Dodgers or Yankees in salary cost.

Team                                      Payroll                             Wins                        $/win

Dodgers                                 $314 million                      92                        $3,414,874

Yankees                                 $219 million                      87                        $2,520,194

The rest of the top ten included, in order, Red Sox, Phillies, Giants, Tigers, Nationals, Angels, Rangers and the Blue Jays.

Phillies                                    $141 million                     63                        $2,249,566

Now, this one, the Phillies, would tick me off!! They had to eke out a win on the last day of the season to avoid losing 100 games in the season. Yoweee. And they spent how much to be that bad?

Let's look at the Mets and the Royals.

Mets                                        $132 million                     90                        $1,463,333

Royals                                     $138 million                     95                        $1,452,632

The Royals' opening day salary was $112 million, just over a third of the Dodgers, but they picked up some expensive help during the season. Essentially taking over somebody else's bad negotiating results.

Success of a farm team, let's keep it going tonight. Go Royals.                

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