Tuesday, June 7, 2016


My friend Lee sent an article by Chuck Yeager in which he talked about meeting a true hero, a WWII vet who jumped into Normandy.

One line struck me--"...the media chooses our heroes."

Daily we are bombarded with words about "heroes," the ones selected by the media. They  are not actually heroes, they are mostly in the entertainment business and if they are black, so much the better. Political correctness, ya know. Michael Jackson, Prince, Muhammad Ali...I really don't pay much attention.

Nothing about the Navajo Code Talkers, nothing about the WWII vets. Complete silence when it comes to the Viet Nam generation, unless you were a draft dodger.

Where are the editors, the experienced ones with a sense of propriety and perspective? Gone with the Yahoo/Google control of what we see.

I don't want my heroes selected by some twenty-something who only went to a liberal arts college in the northeast. Thanks. I'll choose my own.

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