Friday, November 11, 2016


The polls got it wrong.

I'm writing about something that is not in my store of knowledge (huge storehouse of non-knowledge!!), but I'm just wondering how much else is misjudged by the experts and the elite.

For instance, the NFL. Advertisers spend a pretty huge chunk of change to support things like the $61 million guarantee for a certain part-time quarterback in San Francisco. Wonder if they are upset with the fact that the NFL ratings are in the tank? Like down 15% in some numbers I saw a while ago?

If political polls were inaccurate where I would think the candidates expect accuracy, not pandering, how about the "analysis" that is worth zillions of dollars, like the analysis of TV audiences?

Jon Stewart and his descendants have turned the late night landscape into unabashed liberal advocacy with the exception of Jimmy Fallon. Fallon, of course, was subjected to his own ridicule by the other late night hosts when he had Trump on and treated him like a human. I think the "flyover" states and the people who go to work every day are a bit tired of being bullied and treated as imbeciles, told what to think and how to act by the Stewarts, the Kardashians and the elites in general.

The elites in Hollywood and TV have tried desperately to sway opinion, and have made a huge impact. Do you wonder what Whoopi's agenda might be? She is all in favor of considering her viewers as "deplorables," but what if you are an advertiser on that show. You would be subject to the usual racist, misogynist, etc., labels if you were to pull your advertising, but when it comes down to dollars, can you afford to advertise when nobody watches? Or if the analysis of the audiences is flawed the way the political polls were flawed? That is what happens when your base of citizens who are polled don't match the ones who will actually vote. Or, in the case of the NFL, watch and buy the products.

I have yet to see any knowledgeable discourse on this. Jon Stewart nearly single handedly caused the show "Crossfire"--where thoughtful guests with differing opinions were able to debate-- to be run off the air.

Then he created the "comedy" of hate, scorn, mockery, one-sided bullying, ridicule and cruel cheap shots. He got away with calling it "comedy"! Now, remember, only what he considered to be conservatives and Republicans were accorded this treatment. If you can scare up an episode where Obama, the Clintons or any of his minions were attacked, I'd like to see it. Wonder if anybody is thinking "This isn't resonating the way we thought it used to."

Will keep researching this, but I think you may see the people with money begin to think a bit harder about where they put their money.

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