Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Crazy guy on the loose

A friend lives in San Diego, and the nut case who was upset about being fired from the LAPD was "in the area." He, Tom, is an avid gun control proponent, and was upset (validly, correctly) that this guy was out there, and apparently ready to commit random mayhem.

I suggested that the government should come to his neighborhood and post "Gun Free Zone" signs so the guy would know that he couldn't come in there. Also, since his wife is a teacher, I wondered if it wasn't quite a comfort to know that the schools were also "Gun Free Zones," so the aremed psychotic perpetrator would stay away.

Haven't yet received a reply. Bet I changed his mind, whaddya think?


  1. It really does make you wonder sometimes why some people refuse to see the obvious. The only answer to a bad/mad guy with an arsenal is a good guy with an arsenal. Or better yet, a community with an arsenal.

  2. Thank goodness the police had a chance to respond on this one before he really did some more damage. This guy was especially dangerous as he was trained in use of guns and in police procedures, and besides he was nuts...or, I think your appropriate term was bat shit crazy.