Monday, February 18, 2013

Extinct Jobs

Just read an on-line article (and, you know you can believe everything you see there!) about the jobs that have either disappeared or are evolving. And, boy, did it make me feel ancient. Jobs that were singled out were librarians, vcr repairmen and film rental clerks.

There were a couple of jobs that hit pretty close to home. Matt was a paperboy, got up really, really early, folded papers and walked through the neighborhood putting one paper behind the mailbox, one inside the screen door, one on top of the flower pot, etc. Not many years ago, we received the Kansas City Star from a van driven by a guy who sort of heaved them out randomly. Now, newspapers are simply disappearing from the landscape, and who is going to be the watchdog attending the city council meeting to keep crooked politicians on the level? Not Yahoo! or that ilk.

Kevin, the family farm is a thing of the past, at least like how you and I knew it. Although the farm is still "in the family," it is not like it used to be at all. Milking cows was the "technology" and adaptation that kept us from "drying out" and moving to California with all the other neighbors. Today, it is different, but adapt they must.

One could hope that some day the jobs of policemen, child protection service professional and soldier become extinct, like the iceman. Human nature being what it is ... not likely.

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