Monday, April 1, 2013

Opening Day

As most of you know, I really like baseball. When I was in college, the literature teachers told me that great literature imitated life. Well, baseball goes beyond that--life imitates baseball.

Opening day, everyone is enthused. Everyone is optimistic, and for me it means that all is right with the world. Even though the Royals lost, the Twins lost (I have a hard time, since I like both teams and they are in the same division). But the Yankees lost, so that defines a very good day, despite all else.

Last night, the Houston Astros debuted in the American League. Seldom do you see teams change from one league to the other. They are supposed to be the worst team in baseball this year, maybe the worst team in the history of baseball. But, they won. They beat the Rangers who are contenders. See this thing about life and baseball?

I don't know if he will hold up, but the centerfielder for the Astros, Justin Maxwell. Two triples in the first game? And a trapped ball in the outfield. Not bad.

The "Natural," came through. Harper hit home runs each of his first two at bats. Only been done on opening day something like 19 times in the history of baseball. I think I may have to follow the Nationals a bit since probably can get them on TV here.

That's all. The world is spinning correctly, baseball is back.

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