Thursday, May 30, 2013

Loss of rights

The IRS scandal has a number of disturbing features. Basic, however, is that approximately half the country, the conservative half, now knows that if they raise their hand or raise an opinion, the IRS will take a shot at them.

One of the articles of impeachment for Nixon was that he asked officials to target people, the now famous "Look into this guy". Now, no one has told or ordered the IRS, it is an organizational culture. In the last election, the union that represents IRS employees donated 95% of its funds to Democrats. There were higher-ups, middle managers and a lot of employees who decided to target people of the "opposing" political party.

Romney said 47% of people wouldn't vote for him. The Obama administration has taken action against the other 50% or so.

This is troublesome and dangerous when nearly half the population knows it has lost its political rights.

The IRS does not fear any retribution, apparently, as they lie to Congress. The head of the tax-exempt area, Lois Lerner, managed to lie even as she acknowledged impropriety.

This doesn't resonate with the elite. It is only targeting those "little people" who are in the fly-over zone in the middle of the country. No reason for liberal California or the New York/Washington press to fret over it. They are fretting a bit about the fact that Attorney General Holder says he doesn't know anything about shadowing the press. Seems that no one knows anything.

Remember, if you are conservative, it is admission to the liberal elite (top executives of ABC, CBS and CNN are related to or married to people who work for Obama in high positions) that you are mentally inadequate. They are the ones with the answers.

How could this happen? After all, we are the country that invented the Sham Wow!!

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