Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Sixty-Four Dollar Question

I remember hearing the phrase, "Well, that's the Sixty-four dollar question" in my youth, and then it was surpassed in the mid-1950's by "the Sixty-four thousand dollar question."

Apparently, the $64 variety came from a radio game show in the 1940's, and caught on in popular (in my Nebraska???) vernacular. It was the top prize, and it was easily generated--two to the sixth power.

I remember my mother using the phrase, and then sort of dissing her because to me, $64,000 was more relevant. Oops, used a 60's word--do you remember the sponsor of the $64,000 question game show? It is connected to the 60's word I just used. Reveal later.

This was the show that was at the heart of the payola scandal along with one that was named ??21??.

Do you remember the word that was given to the young black lady who won the big spelling prize? It isn't that difficult, just long, but I sure as hell hadn't heard the word at the time. Reveal, later.

Now, that's the $64 question.

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