Monday, June 10, 2013


Anyone who has known me for very long understands my fascination with truisms, little sayings, aphorisms.

When describing the "washing a few things" that came out "washing a few thongs," it was observed that a picture like that sticks in your head and can't be banished easily. "You can't unring the bell."

If you can think of more similar sayings to that, like "You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube," let's start a collection. Please post or send to me.

While we are at it, if anyone knows of a cutesy name for a hair salon, pass it along. I think those places have a special place in Americana for their goofy names--"Curl up and Dye." "A Cut Above," etc.


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  1. Bob,
    I think most of us can only remember one or two clever beauty shop names, unless we've been writing them down over the years, and you've already used mine. There are probably dozens of Curl Up and Dye shops around the county, although I have personally only seen the one in Minneapolis.

    You should make this a project of yours and just do some internet research. It would take your mind off some of your political cogitations and worries.

    You can do a Google search for the yellow page listings in any city you want. I randomly picked Seattle and searched for Beauty Salons. Some of the results are:

    Wild Roots Salon
    Cowboys and Angels Salon
    Hair Shaft
    Helmet Head
    Cut Loose Collective
    Over the Top
    Spoiled Hair Studio
    Hair for You
    Vivian's Clip Joint
    The Locks Shop
    Shear Elegance
    Shear Madness
    Chop House
    Untangled Spaces
    Habitude at the Locks

    My personal favorite:
    Beauty is Pain

    There is one that is just plain weird:
    Discover Yourself With Bonnie

    And there are two that I like because they remind me of a project I once thought of, which was to find businesses that involved an odd combination:

    Radar Hair and Records
    A Terrible Beauty Irish Pub (This suggests a lot of alcohol-fueled bad decisions)

    My two favorite odd business combinations that made me want to search out more are:
    "Toovey's Meat and Music" in Watertown, MN (a combination butcher shop and musical instruments store, mostly guitars and big amps.

    "Xxxx's Taxidermy and Cheese," along I-94, the 2nd or 3rd exit going east into Wisconsin from Minnesota. It was the exit I used to take when I was taking classes at U. of Wisconsin-River Falls.