Sunday, July 28, 2013

Above my paygrade


Junior-Senior Prom is a big deal, and I asked for and was approved for a prom date with the prettiest, coolest girl in school. All the boys in our Junior class would have eaten ground glass for her, and I was among them. Everyone knew, though, that I was outta my class, as Jerry D recently said, "Working above my pay grade."

All arranged, doubling with another couple, borrowed the family car, a brown 1960 Ford Starliner (which makes me wonder today why anyone would slap brown paint on a really sexy car) and we were off to Grand Island for a big fancy dinner after the prom.

Only problem--I got food poisoning that kicked in about the beginning of the dance. By the time we were off to Grand Island, I was sick in the back seat. She drove. I wandered around the parking lot of the restaurant, thinking I would get better, but no go. She drove back, too, at what was reported to me later as being very high speeds. Seemed to be upset, hmmmmm.

The trials of a teenager.

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