Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Football fan

I know my friends in Nebraska will not admit that football fans can take things too far, but this is good fun:

Now here’s a true football fan. Scott Entsminger died at the age of 55 last Thursday, but he couldn’t resist the chance to get one final dig at his favorite team. Entsminger was a lifelong fan of the Cleveland Browns. Every year, he sent a song to the team along with advice for what they should do in the coming year. The team likely never actually took his advice, but given that they have had three winning seasons in the last 20 years, maybe they should have. Entsminger’s obituary requests actual Browns team members to be his pallbearers "so the Browns can let him down one last time." He must have been one of the coolest guys to ever live. — By Nick Mangione [Source]

Upon reflection, being a Royals fan isn't THAT bad.

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