Monday, November 4, 2013

GOP Contenders

Just a bit of advice to the GOP contenders like Chris Christie--why listen to advice from way left sources like this?

"As he pivots toward a possible bid for the presidency, Christie will have to decide: Should he firmly embrace the relatively-centrist persona he worked so hard to burnish during his first term, or move toward the right in hopes of winning over conservative activists who weigh heavily upon presidential nominating contests?" from MSNBC, November 4, 2013

Yes, it important in the nominating process, but look what is happening in the Virginia gubernatorial race. The GOP nominee, Cuccinelli, has been set back in the race due to the ultra-conservative positions of the ultra-conservative wing of the Republican Party. The opponent, McAuliffe, with help from the master campaigner, Obama, is making the election about the Tea Party. McAuliffe is in the anti-gun camp, and other issues, a California Democrat all the way through. Oh, great, Nancy Pelosi becomes the de-facto governor of Virginia.

Let's put the extremist positions on the back burner for a bit and see if we can't deal with issues affecting the majority of Americans, like the number of people who are not working.

Chris Christie is being urged by a liberal media source to consider moving further to the ultra-right. A message from some of us--we would like to have a candidate that represents the middle, the ones that are not on welfare and are not simply attending Tea Party meetings. Those candidates are getting more rare, and it is a problem.

Meanwhile, the master campaigner makes another major error, but picked up by the media as a wonderful success--the phone call from Iran. The Saudis are ticked off, and in the diplomatic world, they have a right to their ire. After all, you are supposed to consult with your friends on this stuff. They are also worked up about the blundering around in Syria. But, as one Saudi put it, “When you rear a pet snake, the least that you can expect is that you will eventually be bitten. I just don’t understand why we had allowed ourselves to become so dependent."

Interesting choice of metaphor--hmmmmm, a pet snake.

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