Thursday, October 31, 2013

They're gone

Well, another one died. Another person who touched my life in a positive way, and this was a teacher and coach in high school, Ron Hulse.

He taught for a while, owned a hardware store in Wahoo for a while and was a friend to lots of people...all the while.

When I was 15, he was soooooo much older, but I discover now that he was just 9 years older. Not much when the difference is 68 to 77, but in a teenager's mind, quite a bit more. A sincere man, and he will be missed.

Had I "died young," as the title of this blog suggests, I would not have to deal with the loss of so many and the hollow grief that is left behind. But the reward of living a bit is to know the really good ones. The characters.

I saw Ron over Memorial Day weekend when our class got together for a 50th reunion. Sort of amazing that I was able to send an email to Brazil on the spur of the moment and acquire his phone number from Gerry. Glad I went.

Thanks for everything.


  1. Bob, Thanks for posting this. I had not heard about Ron's death. I'm glad you got to see him for a while a few months ago.

    I agree with you that he was an important influence that we were lucky to have in our young lives.

    I only saw him, I think, three or four times after we graduated, so obviously I didn't really know him. But I think of him as one of those rare individuals who is by nature, simply put, nice. I cannot image it ever being said by anyone, "I didn't like Ron Hulse."