Friday, December 13, 2013

Our Backyard

Very cool morning in Virginia Beach, about 26 degrees, absolutely no clouds nor wind. This is our first autumn in this location, so quite a treat to see the autumn/winter patterns.

I looked out of the big windows this morning and there were the usual occupants on the lake, a few mallards, several cormorants, a few sea gulls trying to steal the fish caught by the cormorants, a snowy egret, a great blue heron that seems to be here in all seasons and something new in the last few days--hooded merganser ducks.

There were 6 males and 2 female hooded mergansers, and although their range is pretty broad, it is my first sighting of these magnificent little ducks.

The bluebirds appear to be gone for the season, but they were such a treat during the warmer months. There seems to be quite a varied bird population in this area, having seen a great horned owl, ospreys and others.

There is apparently quite a bit going on in and under the water, too, as we have seen the common water snake (not my favorite) and the big snapping turtle that I flushed while mowing up to the shore. Certainly not expecting something that big to move that fast...and that close to me.

Although Friday the 13th, let's all have a terrific day.

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