Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Matt and Jenny are traveling today, back from what Jenny called a "baby-moon," the last trip before baby comes in March. Yep, Jenny, life changes after little ones, but you guys, given your age and ability to generate income, may not be in the same boat as a lot of us old-timers when we had kids...and no money.

Matt used the term "savages" to describe his fellow travelers. That is really an apt expression for some of the nasty people who use the air transportation system. It used to be that people dressed up for air travel, and it was an event to be savored and cherished with a bit of class. Now, I have met a good number of "upper class" people who behaved poorly, so I'm sure there was some of that, but the level of behavior has declined all around to something surly.

For many years, as the scene changed, I expected someone to get on the plane with a crate of chickens and a goat. Instead, they get on with dour (at best) or violent (at worst) dispositions--savages says it best.

Because it is such an uncomfortable few hours, I tend to dress in a way that I can survive in waiting areas and small seats, but from now on, I vow to try to behave in a manner that is considerate and as pleasant as I can muster.

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