Monday, January 20, 2014

Never Judge a Book...

"Never judge a book by its movie," is usually a good piece of advice, but I want to pass along an exception--the movie "The Kite Runner."

I read the book several years ago and avoided the movie despite the good reviews because I just couldn't see it being as good as the book and I didn't want the movie to taint the experience of the book. Well, I was wrong to avoid the movie because it was really good.

For anyone who has neither read the book nor seen the movie, the themes are complex--loyalty and betrayal; fealty and noblesse oblige; honor and deceit; and especially, courage and cowardice. Set in Afghanistan and the US, it plays out the story of a boy, his father and his friend.

What a story, what a movie, and if you haven't seen it or if you haven't seen it recently, take a look.

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