Tuesday, January 5, 2016


We have a Soloman dilemma going on:

Here's the url:  http://nypost.com/2016/01/04/surrogate-mom-carrying-triplets-sues-to-stop-forced-abortion/

Here's the issue:

1.     A 47-year old California woman contracted with a Georgia (man/couple?) to act as a surrogate mother.

2.     She is carrying triplets and the father wants her to abort one of them because he only wants two.

3.     She is refusing.

Here is what I wonder--why is there even a dispute? How can someone threaten to financially ruin the mother (yeah, forgot to tell you that is what he is going to do) because she doesn't want to abort? Wonder what the various political factions will say? Will the pro-abortion faction support the father's "right to choose," as supported by his contract? Or, will they support the life of the unborn baby?

Likewise, the anti-abortion crowd...well, I suppose they would naturally support the surrogate mother.

This is weird enough to come from California, I guess. Another factoid, the surrogate mom wants to adopt the third baby, but the father just wants it killed. Wonder how you choose?


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