Wednesday, January 18, 2017


The big news is the pardon of nut cases like Chelsea (nee Bradley) Manning. The real story came from a friend who is a long-time FBI agent.

Yep, the inmates at Gitmo who once numbered in the 250 range is down to 50. The rest are back in the warm hands of whatever terrorist supporting state would take them. Back in the game.

But the wholesale pardons that have been issuing from the White House in the last days of Obama (that is a nice phrase to write) are scary. According to my friend, he was scanning the list of names a few weeks ago and he spotted a guy who was a really bad actor. Armed robbery, assault, basically a sociopath. Not just drug dealing, but a king pin. Then another, then another.

They were serving time for "minor offenses." Not their real crimes, but the ones they pleaded down to. Our court system does this routinely to put nasty people away from the rest of us but avoiding the expense and time to actually prosecute the worst crime. Did the pardon-makers even look at the history and the facts? Apparently not.

The result, my friends, is that some dangerous people have been put back on the streets.

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