Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Now NBC has come out with a big story about how the Democrats have lost power, not only at the national level, but the local level. Couple months late? I think most of us knew about this. Some say the Democrats haven't been this ticked off since we took their slaves away. They point to gerrymandering, the big win in California and "not getting their message out there." The one thing you never hear is, "We have been wrong."

I'm amazed at the "fake news" that has been filling CNN, CBS, NBC and ABC along with the tag a longs like Yahoo! since the last election. There is NO journalistic integrity. Frankly, it reminds me of the fringy stuff we heard during the eight long years of Obama. But it came from independent places, one man outfits that were writing stuff to fill the internet.

Putin is having a field day. His last is hilarious--responding to the accusation that Trump "entertained" prostitutes while in Russia, Putin says, "Our sex workers are the best in the world." Do we honestly think that Trump is unaware of Putin's use of prostitutes? Putin came up through a rough and tumble structure that more resembles the Mafia than a political party. Trump has told his associates and employees for years, "There are cameras everywhere." And when Christie told him he was impervious to the bridge scandal--and then it turned out he was complicit--Trump dropped him. Did you see that on the 6 o'clock news?

Oh, the irony that Obama is the best thing that has happened to the Republicans, perhaps ever. The Democrats may never recover. Actually, the thing that may never recover is the "mainstream news" and polling. Notice now when you see a poll that says that everybody agrees with Michelle Obama that all Americans have lost hope, you are skeptical? And then another poll comes out that says what is affirmed by the stock market, etc--Americans have more hope and faith in the future now that Obama is gone.

Obama and Hillary have also been the best thing to happen to the gun industry. Unintended consequences.

Think of the good things that have happened with Trump: no more Kennedys, no more Bush dynasty, exposure of the absurd idea that 97% of scientists could agree on anything let alone the cause of "global warming" as being caused by humans. Potential definition of the radical Muslim threat, potential slow down of government-by-bureaucrats causing tens of thousands of expensive regulations that are some sort of liberal substitute for actual enforcement. The laws are basically there, but Democrats/liberals who can't say no to their kids let alone to law breakers want to layer on more regulations instead of enforcing the law.

And then we come to pardons. Next post, wait for it.

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