Monday, March 27, 2017


How silly can people be. Employees know that in order to fly free, they and their dependents have to abide by a pretty simple dress code. Free for a "small price."

Doesn't seem too difficult, does it? When Linda's sons would arrive at the terminal, they would have slacks (not denim) and a nice shirt with a tie. Didn't seem to hurt them a bit. And it sure as the world didn't hurt our pocketbooks.

So Sarah Silverman decided to quit United Airlines because two teenage girls flying on employee passes showed up in leggings. They were not allowed on the flight...for free. Had they decided to pay like the rest of us, no problem.

The Twitter-verse was ablaze with criticism of it. I'm reminded of the old SNL skit (when that show was actually amusing) where Gilda Radner would end it with "Nevermind."

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