Monday, April 3, 2017


Here's something you won't see in your browsers. The media chooses to ignore stuff like this:

Alan Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum ...  cited data showing in emissions-sensitive southern California, more particulates come from brake dust and tire wear than from heavy diesel trucks.

Some time ago, an ultra-liberal (to the extent that he hated the country so much he moved to Brazil...wonder if he could lure Whoopi, etc??) correspondent chided me for mentioning something that was not from "national" media, like the NYT. Scoffed at my "trade publications." 

Unfortunately, these days you have to go to alternative sources, like trade publications, to piece together accurate information. You sure as the world don't get it from the NYT. 

The quote above is from Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT). "The magazine traces its beginnings back to the beginning days of trucking in the early 1900s and a regional publication called Western Drayman & Warehouseman."

If you have an interest in a topic, you might do well to go to that trade publication. Hopefully, you get a high quality editorial staff. HDT has won more than 100 top journalism awards and not just biased blather.

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