Monday, October 28, 2013

Ever notice?

Does anyone else have a problem with spelling on the internet? And with texting and Twitter, it seems to be [hash tag] getting worse. There is the annoying thing about "you're" and "your" that has been mentioned several times, but I have found another one.

"Lead" and "led." Went to a wedding a couple of years ago and there was a brass plaque on the wall of this ornate church that used the spelling "lead" when it should have been "led." Now, when it is inscribed in brass and it is a quote from the Bible, that is a TYPO! Isn't the only time "lead" is pronounced the way it is apparently intended in these instances is if you are talking about a heavy metal?

Another instance of why English is confusing, despite its magnificence, huge lexicon and glorious ability to offer up complex thoughts and subtle emotions. The preceding sentence displays another one of those inconsistencies: why doesn't the possessive of "it" use the apostrophe like other possessives? Well, I guess because the contraction of "it is" has already used it?

These kinds of things have to drive the non-native users crazy.

Now the real question is why in the world should I be concerned?

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