Monday, October 21, 2013

Kowboys and Koreans

Well, as rare as it might be, we actually "went out" Saturday night. A costume party, no less, and we could walk since the house is just a few doors away. While trying to make it to midnight, we made it almost to ten!!

The name, price and store where I bought my hat is on the box. It is a box that has been carted all over the country over the last twenty years. "Stelzig's" in Houston, and I guess it has relocated and downsized from my visit in 1992. The 4X Stetson Caldwell was $119.95 then, and I think a comparable one would be about $209 today. But according to the government, there hasn't been any inflation.

Speaking of hats, I saw that there is a custom hat outfit in Jackson Hole. Jer, do you know those guys? Wonder what they use in place of mercury these days. Maybe only the cowboys are crazy, not the hatters.

Have a wonderful October, it is sunny, cool and perfect in Va Beach. Hope it is good where you are.

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