Friday, October 10, 2014

Bob Kerrey

Bob Kerrey attended the University while I was there and went off to Vietnam. Served as governor of Nebraska and Senator for many years, with distinction.

Given my fascination with aphorisms, sayings and quotes, there are two of his that make my list:

1.     When asked about his relationship with actress Debra Winger who filmed part of the movie "Terms of Endearment" in Lincoln, he said, "What can I say, she swept me off my foot," alluding to the fact he lost his leg in Vietnam.

2.     As a SEAL team officer, he admitted many years later to the killing of innocent Vietnamese in an incident for which he actually received a medal. The guilt he carried was profound, but he said something even more profound, "I am NOT the worst thing I have ever done."

That latter quotation is food for thought. Many otherwise qualified people are discouraged from running for office in this country because of the intense scrutiny they and their families will encounter. Should muck-writing in the "National Enquirer" be the lid on our bucket of candidates? A guy who got a DUI as a young man? Somebody who declared bankruptcy? A woman who divorced and married her lover?

Food for thought.

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