Friday, October 31, 2014

It's supposed to be over!!

I know, baseball season is over. Now it is time to grouse about it. There exist maybe two people in this world who may be interested in what comes next, so tune out now.

When Gordon was on third in the ninth, I thought about having him steal home. Then, today, some contributor to a web site asked that question, so now I don't think I'm SOOO stupid.

Here's the situation: two out, bottom of ninth, down one, elimination game. The batter, Perez, is gimpy and the pitcher is dominant (is there a stronger word??).

First, to those who thought Gordon could have scored trying for an inside-the-park homerun, fuhgitaboudit. He is a fast runner, but not that fast and he would have been thrown out by 30 feet. Not even close.

Second, remember the "fast but not fast" part. He couldn't steal home.

So, here is the scenario, inspired by another great, George Brett. In the All Star game years ago, Brett is playing third and there is a man on third. A grounder comes to Brett and he makes a huge fake throw to first, the runner leaves the bag and Brett dives and tags him out. Creative, athletic.

What if Gordon came up "injured" at third. It would have to be quick thinking and against every instinct of a player, but he could fake an injury enough that he would be replaced by one of the burners, Gore or Dyson. The element of surprise would be lost if one of the speedsters was substituted for a regular player...except Billy "Glacier" Butler.

Everyone on this planet could tell that Perez was never going to catch up to one of Bumgarner's pitches. So, with the count one strike, the next pitch was going to be out of the strike zone, probably high since Perez' strike zone has been described as amorphous. Free swinger, that fella. Makes it harder for the catcher to apply the tag.

Perez is batting right-handed, so he shields Buster Posey somewhat. Bumgarner is a lefty, so he doesn't pick up the first move. There is a possibility of a balk.

Not a great probability, but the other options (sending him home or waiting for a hit) were approaching zero.

Ahhh, hot stove baseball.

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