Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Why do I persist?

I have things I need to be doing. Not brain surgery, not rocket science, not even rocket surgery. But things that I, personally, want and need to accomplish. Why, then, do I persist in reading comments on the internet? And, to make it worse, comments on a sports opinion column?

Maybe it is that old story about why you keep beating your head against a brick wall? "Because it feels so good when I stop."

Anyway, reading about why the Royals/Giants World Series isn't very popular on TV. Small markets, baseball is boring, no excitement...blah, blah, blah. And, that the Royals aren't very good.

The latter comment is one we have all talked about--can you spot a future hall of famer on that Royals squad? Maybe Sal Perez if he puts in another 10 years behind the plate with the same quality as his first few years. But he doesn't hit like Johnny Bench, so maybe Cooperstown will pick someone else. They have "low" salaries to go with their lack of talent, at least low in comparison to the Yankees.

That is one of the great things about this team, though. No super stars. Overachievers Anonymous, if there is such a thing, should have them as new members slogging through their twelve steps. We all know that we don't have the talent of the super stars, but if these guys can do it, maybe we can?? Another reason to root for the underdog.

Here is the only thing I found amusing instead of mind-numbing on those comments I read. From a Notre Dame fan:

In 2007, our players got arrested for hanging out with South Bend hookers.
Now they’re with world-famous porn stars.
And NDNation says Kelly hasn’t improved the program. ~ACS

Now, that is a solid quote.

When I make my resolutions for the day, I must now include, "No comment reading." "No comment reading." Maybe if I had a blackboard, I should write it 100 times. Wish me luck.

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